February 19, 2015 · Roc.py biz-legal-foss

Roc.py Feb. 2015 Meetup

The meeting started by explaining Roc.py, its motto, organizers, and last meeting's activities. A organizer from Rochester Maker Space informed the group of Girl Develop It, an introductory course for women to learn python being hosted on 2-21-25 at the Rochester Maker Space. The floor was opened to questions where a student from RIT asked about the differences of flask and other python web frameworks. The talk of the meeting was about Toyz, a python framework for data reduction and analysis. The speaker noted how tools for astronomers were made in the late 80's or early 90's without GUIs or the modern interfaces or interactions. These tools have large dependecies, use languages like Fortran, and are open source, but written very complicated on purpose, it seems, for obsufaction. The goal of Toyz was for an undergraduate to be able to start analyzing data on their first day using Toyz. It may seem like a data analysis toolset written in python, but Toyz actually is a great framework to serve up large sets of data, all using python. After that talk, the floor was opened up to lighting talks, where I gave my talk about all the multiplayer mechanics ever. And that was Roc.py!

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