April 16, 2015 · python biz-legal-foss

Python in your GRUB, in your Disney movies, Python Everywhere: Pycon 2015

Last week and weekend I was up in Montreal, Canada repping RIT and FOSS@MAGIC. I went to PyCon 2015, a convention all about the Python programming language. I spent most of my time at the booth, talking to other convention goers about our projects and the first minor in Open Source Software. I did find some free time to go to some talks though.

Pycon Sticker

One talk was about Natural Language Processing (NLP) and using it for analysis on Shakespeare. The speaker found a website that has all of Shakespeare plays, poems, and sonnets in XML with tags for speaker, stage direction, and line number. It was really crazy to see that people had spent all that time writing up all that XML of Shakespeare's work. They then used that XML to parse out the different words and their usage in plays. It was an interesting talk for a primer on NLP and its potential uses, but the speaker only knew of one methodology to use in NLP, which I found a little lacking. Watch the talk

The only other talk I was able to go to was one given by a Mozilla employee about the new programming language Rust. I had not heard of Rust before this talk and I like some of the ideas the language has about ownership of memory. I have not spent any time looking into Rust, but I would like to. It seems to solve a lot of issues in C and could be a great new low level language. Check out the talk here

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