September 28, 2014 · adv foss Unity Twine

Postmortem: Twine2Unity

For my first project in my Advanced Free and Open Source class, I made a Twine to Unity parser. This is a tool for developers to write their stories in twine, a simple tool to create branching stories, and easily import their content into Unity to be used. I saw this as a project I could take on and complete on my own, but another classmate wanted to join me. He was to work on the demo game and some of the design for what programmers would use (the API). He then decided to not show up to any of the classes and not respond to my messages to him. I continued on the project, getting a parser made and having the data stored for an API. Other classes ramped up for me and the project took a back seat for too long. I pushed to work on it, but kept getting halfway through a design for the API, and stopped. My API design would not work well or easily, or I ran into issues and errors. I became too worried about the implementation, and froze from working on the project. Its current state is a rewrite of the original system, and has a few errors that I have not been able to solve. This system can currently parse the twine text file, and create nodes for each twine node, with properties for the node's content, links, link titles, and node title. The final linking between data and game is missing, but this project is still valuable to programmers as they do not have to solve how to parse twine files, that work is done by Twine2Unity. Check out the repo here

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