November 6, 2014 · adv foss

Adv. FOSS: Hack Prop 2

1. Extra Life Donations Updater

For the past two years I have been participating in Extra Life, a charity event where people play video game for 24 hours for donations to various Children's Hospitals. At the end of past events I have always wanted my stream to show my total donations, goal, and last few donators. The most widely used streaming software, Open Broadcaster Software has the ability to overlay HTML on top of a stream, and with that I see a way to get live, updating donation information for next year's Extra Life.

Upstream: ???
Required Software: OBS (Open Broadcaster Software), Web Browser
License: MIT License
Team: Myself

2. GUI for python-OBD

Talking with Brendan in class about his last project, he would like to work more on it and create a GUI for the information his project python-OBD can grab from a car. This project we would be developing an application and User Interface for people to use to see what their car's warning mean. We would use pygame to keep the whole project in one language.

Upstream: ???
Required Software: pygame, python-OBD
License: GNU GPL V2
Team: Myself, Brendan
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