September 27, 2014 · Hackathon adv foss Playtest

Adv. FOSS: Hack Prop 1

Five weeks have come and gone at RIT and that means that in my Advanced Free and Open Source class, a new project to start! Below are two proposals for projects for the next 5 weeks for me to work on.

1. Auto-Hackathon Sign-in Sheet

This project would be a solo project in python. The end goal would be to have a program that can be loaded up on a raspberry pi for hackathons. Users would come up to the machine and type in their information for those running the hackathon. This could be name, email, relation to event, job title, company they work at, etc. all to be determined by the head of the event. Users would input their information, and for each piece of info, confirm it is correct. Once the hackathon sign-ins were finished, the event runners could close the program. It would then write a .csv file off all the information that was gathered. This .csv would be easy for the event heads to search for information and to mass email in the future. The hope is to release on pypi and have it be an official python package.

Upstream: Remy Decausemaker, Mscouy
Required Software: Some Beautify Python Library?
License: Hopefully GPLv3
Released: pypi
Team Members: Myself

2. Auto Playtest

This project is for game developers to see how their playtesting sessions are broken down. This would be a application that would hook into a game to see how long players are at each screen, level, or spots in the game. It would be extensible so that developers could easy change what the application is searching for and recording. This would help game developers see how long players are in the tutorial, if certain key moments in the game are overlooked, and see where players are getting stuck. The hooking in would be looking at the screen for certain "logos" that determine various data points for Auto Playtest. This would also make Auto Playtest platform agnostic, as all it would need to do is read the screen, not actually hook it another application, which would need specific code. Not sure if this project is possible on my own and would want to work with someone else.

Upstream: ???
Required Software: Computer Vision Library?
License: Hopefully GPLv3
Released: Github
Team Members: Myself, +1
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